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Phenelzine availablity Updated April 2020


Medicine shortages and discontinuations occur for many reasons and unfortunately, an uninterrupted supply chain can never be guaranteed. The TGA does not have the regulatory power to obligate sponsors to manage global distribution to avoid shortfalls in drug availability. 
However, the TGA does work with these companies to try to minimise the effects of medicine shortages on Australian patients.

In order to minimise the public health impact of the shortage of phenelzine sulfate, the TGA has authorised the supply of an overseas registered product under Section 19A of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989, on the 7 April 2020. The Section 19A approval holder for Phenelzine Sulfate USP 15mg tablets (Lupin Pharmaceuticals) is Medsurge Healthcare Pty Ltd who can be contacted on 1300 788 261.


Sporadic Supply throughout USA
Safeway in San Francisco. They get their supply
 from Greenstone pharmaceuticals which lists Nardil on their site with no supply notice. Safeway also said their warehouse has plentiful supply.


Short supply:

Kyowa Kirin (the manufacturer that caused the alert in other countries) , the sole manufacturers of Nardil is experiencing temporary disruptions. ”Kyowa Kirin, the main supplier of Nardil (phenelzine sulfate) 15mg tablets have advised a delayed resupply date of March 2020. Supplies are available from specialist importers on an ‘unlicensed’ basis, and these companies listed below have advised they can continue to source unlicensed imports from abroad but the list is not exhaustive. 


Very low supply:

In Italy TCP is allowed to import it from other EU countries with a very complex protocol in order to get permissions from “Land and Sea” customs.

The complete amount of drug cost plus expedition and taxes would be accounted to the patient. For example: Import of Jatrosom from German or Tracydal from Netherlands and for a 30 mg TCP daily dosage the spending varies from 180 to 250 euros per month


Very low supply:

Similar to Italy – Expensive and long import procedures required.


India based Lupin. They continue listing Phenelzine on their website. They inherited Phenelzine after buying Somerset Pharmaceuticals (the developer of EMSAM) which had  bought Nardil from Pfizer.

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