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This post is a call for all readers, doctors, patients, and ‘information-seekers’, who have an interest in MAOI antidepressant treatment, to contact me in relation to an international group that I have constituted.

A key purpose of it is to help practicing doctors, and patients, obtain MAOI drugs and carry out MAOI treatment.

I have already assembled an international group of experts on MAOIs who are prepared to advise doctors on using these drugs.

I am also assembling a list of practicing doctors who do use, or are prepared to use, MAOI treatment — if you know of such doctors (wherever in the world you live) please send their details (an email address is essential, do check for accuracy first, misinformation wastes a lot of time!).

Bring this post to the attention of anyone you think can either help, or who can provide further information.

My ‘PsychoTropical’ website and the google groups will be hubs for information for patients and doctors. Help expand the email list of doctors to whom we send information, and receive questions from, as much and as quickly as possible.

This will also enable us to point people who enquire in the direction of doctors in their vicinity who are prepared to prescribe MAOIs. This is a question I am asked frequently.

It would be good to have extra help from folk expert with web/IT stuff to maximise the spread of info about all things ‘MAOI-related’ — that encompasses everything from setting up groups/forums, to creating an international list of doctors familiar with MAOIs & prepared to prescribe them, to spreading the word via internet/social media, and more.

Help: Producing a logo — I am thinking a slowly rotating GIF of colourful molecules, say TCP, DA and phenelzine.

This initiative was instituted by Dr Ken Gillman and is not connected to any pharmaceutical company or other interest group. All the experts participating do so on a pro bono basis. It is funded solely by donations made by individuals.

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