MAOI shortage letter introduction

by | Last updated Apr 8, 2020 | Published on Apr 8, 2020 | Anti-Depressants, MAOIs

The availability of these important MAOI drugs is diminishing worldwide and there may now be a crisis of supply concerning phenelzine (Nardil).  I use the words ‘may be’ because it is hard to ascertain facts in relation to these matters.  It is frustrating that one does not have accurate information about who is producing it and how it is being distributed.

The international expert group that I convened a couple of years ago aims to do what it can to improve education usage and availability of these drugs.  However, these efforts will clearly depend on what one might describe under the umbrella of ‘consumer demand’.

The group published a position statement as an editorial in a prominent journal recently [link], and now this current situation has stimulated the open letter to which this is a link.  This open letter is available to anyone who thinks they can use it to favourably influence of the situation with any organisation they think is relevant; the media, the world health organisation, medical bodies, political representatives, or whatever.

We are doing what we can to promulgate it via the usual social media et cetera.

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