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If you’d like to contact me by email with any questions please email me here


A note about Skype

  1. If you’d like to send an email: email me here, and it is best to send background information via email, properly identified with your name – emails get seen, Skype text messages may be missed
  2. Make sure your emails have a proper name and ‘signature’ so I know who is who.
  3. Skype lets me avoid typing, but if you do not want sound and vision you can use it just like texting— but it allows me talk and explain sometimes complex ideas.
  4. I do not charge for information, but most people offer a donation of around $100 dollars to help with Heidi’s wages and the not insignificant costs associated with the website. When I am busy it is only fair that I give preference to people who have made a donation.
  5. Skype allows instant transfer of links; it may be useful before you call to make sure you understand how to receive files etc. Dr Google will help. (
  6. I do not keep notes and records of conversations, therefore if you contact me subsequently it may be useful for you to keep a record of any previous discussion.
  7. Obviously, I cannot undertake to be available at short notice, you should always have a healthcare provider locally to whom you can refer to for emergencies or urgent advice.
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