I am pleased to to announce that I am now associated with, as of early 2019, as a co-founder of ‘Neurowell’, a company whose aim is to re-market MAOIs with an extra safety twist.

As a result of my various efforts to persuade the medical community of the safety and value of MAOIs, over a number of years, I was approached by people with the finances and capacity to attempt to translate into action the thoughts that I have had for some years.
It is evident that in order to overcome people’s longstanding concerns about these MAOI drugs, some significant development needs to occur that will make them safer and easier to use for the average doctor. My knowledge and insights into this problem are being put to the test, and I have a small $100 share in the company (NeuraWell), that has been formed.

The primary objective is to reformulate tranylcypromine in a way which will lessen its side-effects and also increase the margin of safety in relation to tyramine sensitivity.

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