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donateDonations — our lifeblood

First, sincere thanks to those who havedonated, those donations have already enabled extensive development and improvement of all associated activities.

Donations to keep the website improving are of continuing importance, especially to keep our new assistant ‘on board’, and she deserves a proper rate of remuneration for the knowledge and experience and application she brings to the cause.

Donations have allowed me to commit to employing her for six (increased from four) hours per week; it is important that is maintained, and if possible increased.
I am sure some less-advantaged people feel that the little they can give is so small it won’t make a difference – but five dollars monthly helps: so, do not think that a little donation is not useful.

There is a donate button — but anyone can donate by just going straight to PayPal and entering my email address  it is that easy.  You do not need a PayPal account to do that.

Many people who follow the advice on the website will save enormously on doctors, treatment costs, hospitalization, etc. which in some cases will amount to many thousands of dollars, even tens of thousands — never mind all the reduction in suffering and the resultant destruction of family, work, social, and leisure capability.  A donation of $100, or $500, is little compared to those savings.

Also, your action as an individual spreading the word via social media etc. will do much to promote the site, thereby helping others by making it easier for them to find quality information.

Such actions have probably contributed to this award: ‘Expertido’s’ one of the best psychiatry sites accolade.

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